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Occasionally you might face email transmission problem. You might be able to receive emails but unable to send emails. In that case execute the following remedial steps.

Remedy 1: Check your antivirus software

In case the antivirus software gets updated automatically, turn it off and prevent it from starting when the Windows restarts. Then you reboot the computer, go online, and try to send and receive an email. If it works, you can enable the antivirus software.
Check for any antivirus software that is configured to ‘scan outgoing email’ and if you cannot find the configuration, disable the software while you test the email and look for other problems, if any.

Remedy 2: Check SMTP server settings and change if required
Check the ‘outgoing’ (SMTP) server setting. If it does not match the (SMTP) server setting of the ISP to which you are connected, change it accordingly.

Remedy 3: Check outbox

Check the ‘outbox’ for any email with an incorrect email address or an email going to a recipient with a full mail box. Email clients seem to ‘send’ before trying to ‘receive’ email. If any email is found in outbox, try to flush it out.

Remedy 4: Check modem speed and adjust if required

If your modem connect speed is high, you may have to use an ‘init command’ / ‘init string’ to make your modem compatible with your email client.

Remedy 5: Check the firewall installed in your PC

If the antivirus software installed in your PC has a firewall, you may have to turn it off. Some antiviruses firewalls will not stay turned off or get disabled unless you uninstall them.

Remedy 6: Last resort
When all the above mentioned corrective steps fail, contact your Internet Service Provider. Ask whether there are any other probable solutions.

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