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Get Acquainted With The Online Scams

Are you acquainted with the term ‘Scam’? If not, then first of all let us come into terms with it. To quote the Webster’s Online Dictionary, a ‘Scam’ may be defined as ‘a fraudulent business scheme’. It is a criminal act or plot, which is formulated in order to steal, money or property, from a possible victim. A Scam may fall under the wider category of its synonymous word, ‘fraud’. Similarly, an ‘Online Scam’ may refer to a fraudulent business which is carried out over the internet.

Top 4 Online Scams

Online Scams have made their foothold in almost every sphere of the internet. In this section, we discuss the top four online scams.

The Nigerian 419 Scam – It is probably the most dangerous and most popular scam of all. In general, it is carried out through emails, which consist of letters promising highly lucrative awards, for helping officials of that government or bank. This way they manage to get the victims’ bank account details.

The Foreign Lottery Scam – This particular scam too operates via emails. They send emails to users, stating that the latter have won a lump sum amount in a lottery contest, conducted by the former. They ask for the users’ names, contact addresses, and email addresses.

Work from Home Scam – This is a scam which posts advertisements, offering part time home based jobs for computer users. The job involves registering with a certain amount of money, in their website, and getting paid for viewing Ads, referring to friends, taking surveys, writing articles, and so on. Continue reading “Get Acquainted With The Online Scams” »

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