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    Handling email error messages

    Error Message
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    Error message : SMTP server time out error
    You try to receive all your emails but unable to do so. The server times out and you get an error message.

    1. The antivirus software installed in your PC may take long time to scan a large email which causes a time-out situation.
    2. Your email client may be configured to ‘not open attachments’. Modify the configuration accordingly.
    3. There might be an email that is too bulky for your email client to handle. Verify the maximum size that your email client can process.
    4. Logon to your mail box. Focus on the first or last unread email. That could be the emails causing the problem.
    5. Check all the settings in the dialer and modem properties. Add an init string if required.
    6. Ask your telephone service provider to check for line or static noise on the phone line connected to the computer.
    7. If all the steps, mentioned above, fail, contact your Internet Service Provider’s technical support.

    # Error message 2: One of the addresses is invalid
    You try to send to email to multiple recipients and you get the error message “One of the addresses is invalid”

    1. Review the spelling of the addresses.
    2. You used a misspelled address or you saved one in your address book.
    3. Use copy and paste to send the message to each address individually, the wrong one will come back as ‘undeliverable mail’.
    4. Delete the email with multiple addresses from the ‘outbox’ to prevent the same error message from occurring.
    5. One of the recipients may have a full or corrupted mail box, inactive, suspended, or closed account.
    6. That recipient may have you or your ISP ‘blocked’ from their mail box.
    7. Their email server may be off-line for maintenance, repair or some other reason.
    8. When you find the problem address, remove it from your address book until things get resolved.

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