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    The Best Ways to Share Your New Phone Number to all Your Contacts!

    A year and a half ago, LetzwApp Communications, Inc, Portland OR, based start-up company launched a new, Innovative mobile app that is extremely efficient and vital in today’s busy lives. LetzwApp features the possibility to switch phone numbers with no problem.

    How can this be possible?

    With the recent holiday seasons, many of us are going through phone number changes based on the deals and offerings from several cell phone carriers. LetzwApp is a unique, innovative product for the Telecommunication IT markets because it transcends the connectivity problems that other providers have. Now, as a mobile customer, you can enjoy the full efficiency of your mobile, without the worry of losing important matters.

    LetzwApp, together with LetzRock and LetzTune are three starter mobile apps from the start-up that solve global issues in the Telecommunication and Entertainment sector.

    The Unique, Innovative Strengths of LetzwApp

    Sriram Varadhan, the Entrepreneur & Founder of LetzwApp launched 3 Innovative Apps in a short period of time and gaining Mobile Apps Market momentum. He says, “I know when I say that this App solves so many of the customer’s issues. That is the target of LetzwApp – with a secure OTP, it switches your phone number directly in other contact’s devices, whoever uses LetzwApp. So, when you are out of signal or low battery, you can assign any another phone number, regardless of network provider, so you get back on track without missing any contact from your list. Plus, you are not stuck with a long-term contract from your mobile network and pay high costs for a limited service.” 

    At the moment, on the market, there isn’t an automated solution for swapping phone numbers without losing contacts. LetzwApp is an innovative problem solving app for our busy lives.

    LetzwApp brings you a digital, efficient solution – you don’t have to inform your contacts each time you change the phone number. LetzwApp makes sure to automatically update your new phone number directly in your contact’s phone books. You can temporarily assign any number for as long as you like and how many times you like.

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    Benefits of having the LetzwApp App

    Emergency: It is really useful in every extreme case of emergency as your contacts can easily reach you on your alternative mobile number.

    Swap Infinity: There’s no limitation to the number of times you can swap your number, you can do it again and again, till infinity.

    Cloud Connection: Every swap or process of contacts is automatically updated in the phonebook directory which in turn is updated on the icloud or Google cloud.

    Free Download: The LetzwApp app is available for free download and offered for 2 months free trial at the Google play store and Appstore, Therefore anywhere you are in the world with the access of internet, an Android or IOS phone, you can install and start using LetzwApp.

    Dummy Number: With the dummy number, you can keep and have privacy of your mobile number in other’s phone. If you do not want any of your contact to store your number, this feature helps you to assign a dummy number. With this, you can replace your phone number with 9999999999 in your contact’s device.

    Search Button: You can search your contacts and have easy access to their numbers.

    GUI: The interface of the LetzwApp app is so user friendly and easy-to-navigate that at a glance you will be interested in keeping the app.

    Security: With the LetzwApp app there’s lot of updating of contact information especially online. Each time when a new number is assigned, there will be an OTP (2-Factor Authentication).

    Now, you can try LetzwApp and see its vital use for Free by:

    Download it via AppStore or Google Play for FREE with 5 free actions. Note: Like any other messenger Apps, your contacts would also need to have LetzwApp installed to enjoy the features and benefits. It has Invite friends option for Free credits.

    Check the LetzwApp presentation on YouTube or contact the LetzwApp team and ask any question that will help you. Also download LetzRock – Free Music Player and LetzTune – Worldwide Radio Stations

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