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    Vibe bluetooth speakers

    Vibe bluetooth speakers

    This is a portable stereo system bluetooth speakers convenient for playing music from the phone without a wire connection. Vibe speaker is essentially smart ay of playing music. It comes with enhanced features that guarantee an excused ‘’vibe’’ at a low cost. The fact that it is portable makes it a much better offer than those in the market. Furthermore, the speakers are chargeable. Find out more about vibe speakers.

    Vibe bluetooth speakers

    Features of vibe Bluetooth speakers

    Ultra-thin and powerful sound:

    The device is slim with a slim factor of about 36mm. However, it surprisingly produces a loud sound. This is due to the fact that it has a large area for bass radiation and superior stereo drivers. 

    Vibe bluetooth speakers


    This system offers a straightforward connection via Bluetooth. Other connections include USB drive and FM modes.


    It has two powerful audio drivers with power up to four Watts each. Therefore, the combined output sound power is eight watts. This enables you to enjoy the quality and powerful sound from anywhere in your home. 


    It comes with buttons to enhance navigation and functionality. For instance, the volume keys are used to turn up or down the volume whenever it is suitable. Also, the next and previous keys help you navigate through your playlist. Additionally, it has an on-or-off button, play or pause, and mode keys to change the connectivity menu, i.e., between radio, Bluetooth, and USB connections.


    Device is reinforced with a matching and textured fabric mesh, which enhances its portability. Here, other than providing a modern look to the gadget, the mesh also gives it an anti-slip feature, which improves the speaker’s grasp.

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    Other features 

    It comes with an intelligent power-saving function. This function automatically in terms of the system if left idle, paused, or muted. 

    The system is compatible with laptops, smartphones, pen drives, etc. Basically, anything that can a connection via Bluetooth or USB drive is legible to play music on the system.

    It comes with a powerful rechargeable battery.

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    Pros and cons


    • It is slim with an appealing look.
    • It has multiple options to play, including USB drive, Bluetooth, and FM radio. 
    • The device comes with a rechargeable battery, which lasts for five to six hours on a single charge. Furthermore, it has intelligent power saving options. 
    • Portable.


    • The radio part cannot function without a USB connection since it plays the role of an antenna.
    • You cannot attach a mic. 
    • It is susceptible to damage by water. 

     The bottom line

    The market has many different manufacturers for vibe Bluetooth speakers. Many come with various features as well designed to buy the market. However, there are many types of Bluetooth speakers with standard features as those highlighted above. Usually, a vibe system is supposed to be portable. This means that it should be chargeable. Moreover, these features ought not to interfere with the quality of the product. Before purchasing any speaker, look for reviews to ascertain that it is what you need.

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