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Types Of Network Topologies

English: This is a diagram of Ring Topology in...

English: This is a diagram of Ring Topology in Computer Network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The design structure of links of computer nodes is defined as network topology. It could also be characterized as the way in which the elements of a network are mapped or arranged. Network topology basically depicts the configuration of a communication network. Here the term “Configuration” means the the physical and the logical interconnection between the different nodes of a network.

Basic categories of network topology
Network topology could be categorized into 3 types,namely – Physical,Logical and Signal topologies.  Physical  topology describes the physical design of a network. Signal topology traces the paths of the signals over the network. The mapping of the paths taken by data as they move over the network is defined as a logical topology. Signal topology and logical topology are almost similar. Continue reading “Types Of Network Topologies” »

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