Internet and Networks

    The Best Web hosting

    If you want to have an online presence, the first thought is always to create a website. But for a website to be visible online you require a web hosting. This is the art of providing a storage space and …

    Internet and Networks

    How can you check the domain

    The domain is the unique name assigned to a website. This is the way to identify and translate the IP address, facilitating the possibility of finding it on the Internet. However, for the website to be visible it is necessary …


    Tips before buying a laser printer

    A laser printer is a form of personal computer printer that employs the non-impact photocopier knowhow. Most of them only print in monochrome. There exist a very huge difference between a color laser printer and monochrome laser printer. The former …


    Cybersecurity: How Protected Are You?

    Our world is flooded with numerous threats (Nuclear, Biological, Cyber e.t.c) and Cybersecurity is a major concern around the world currently as major businesses, governments, institutions as well as individuals are investing heavily to secure their infrastructures (Offline and Online). …


    Battery Monitoring

    The first step in battery monitoring is to gather data from the different meters. This is generally done electronically. Optionally, some of the meters can also be recorded manually. Some measurement data can be read directly from the meter and …

    Internet and Networks

    Fixing Email transmission problem

    Occasionally you might face email transmission problem. You might be able to receive emails but unable to send emails. In that case execute the following remedial steps.

    Remedy 1: Check your antivirus software
    In case the antivirus software gets updated …

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