Introducing Groundbreaking Portable Sound with Mic

    written by: Watson Lee

    Trendwoo is a company that specializes in producing and developing Smart Bluetooth devices and Wearable Products. Their devotion to design, and innovative technologies make them a leading company with a strong base in research and development. All steps of production from raw material to testing, sales, and after-sales service are controlled by a strict monitoring system to ensure an excellent customer experience. Trendwoo staffs seasoned engineers, designers, and highly-qualified customer service and sales staff to ensure a top-quality product for their entire line. As a leader in wearable technology companies, their minimalist designs are best demonstrated in the company’s newest product titled “Mic.”

    Mic is a waterproof Bluetooth Speaker newly developed and released on the market. The compact design features an on/off switch, next, play/pause/phone, and previous buttons as well as a line in and USB charging station protected by a rubber stopper that seamlessly blends into the design. The Mic also has hands free function while on the go.

    The Mic has a built-in lithium battery that charges through a micro USB port. The speaker is amazingly compact and lightweight. Users can keep the speaker in a back pocket or clipped onto a belt or backpack through the corner hanging ring. Unlike bulky devices, this smart Bluetooth speaker produces quality sound while maximizing space.

    The Mic is compatible with a large range of devices from mp3 players, computers, smart phones, and even tablets. Primarily used for entertainment, it has enough power in one charge for 6-8 hours of playing time. The speakerphone with microphone option provides ultimate versatility in wearable technology.

    This speaker is designed to be a constant companion for a wide range of uses. The Mic has received a IPX4 rating plus a dust proof design to stand up to the elements. Take the Mic boating, hiking, on road trips, or anywhere else a portable microphone/speaker may be desired. Users can take advantage of these features without sacrificing style. The classic design dates back to original microphones and comes in yellow, red, blue, and silver to suit a variety of styles. Included with the Mic itself is a 3.5mm audio cable and a USB cable to charge the device. Setup is simple with the smart design and compatible with a wide range of devices.

    There’s no small wonder that the Mic can be described as small, smart, and powerful. To learn more about Trendwoo and the Mic, visit their website and browse through the site or contact the company directly for any questions.

    ina and Singapore. It boasts of optimum production and quality control and the use of only the highest quality materials for its materials. A strong R&D arm ensures top-notch products that can compete with other mobile global brands of today.

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