Tips before buying a laser printer

    Laser printers

    A laser printer is a form of personal computer printer that employs the non-impact photocopier knowhow. Most of them only print in monochrome. There exist a very huge difference between a color laser printer and monochrome laser printer. The former can be up to 10 times more expensive than the later.

    Factors to consider in the acquisition

    There are many factors you may want to put into consideration when purchasing a Laser Printer. Here are some of them.

    The printing capacity along speed

    Personal laser printers cannot be the best option when a large number of articles are needed. They are effective for printing only up to 200 pages per week. They cannot print eight pages in a minute and may cost at least $200. If at least 1000 pages need to be printed every week, then a workgroup printer is the best way to go.

    Laser printers

    They can print up to 24 pages per minute (ppm). However, they are very expensive with the cost ranging from $1000 to $6000 and more. If at least 50,000 pages or more needs to be printed weekly, Production printer is the ideal choice. They are however very expensive. They have the potential of printing up to 700 ppm and cost at least $100,000.


    Resolution is another key variable to consider. The resolution for standard laser printers can be 600 dots-per-inch (dpi). This is the standard resolution for usual printing. For very large printing needs, a resolution of 2400 dpi is ideal. There are other printers utilize only 300 dpi. In this case, the quality of the document produced may be poor with jagged lines. Resolution Enhancement Technology can, however, be used to improve the quality of the image.

    Printer languages

    It is important to consider printer languages before making a purchase decision. Most printers use Printer Control Language (PCL), often compatible with HP. The language is utilized in the printing letters and database printouts among others. For desktop publishing software and packages drawing, most printers are the perfect fits.

    Laser printers

    A laser printer with the Post printed language already installed is often very expensive. It is also important to note that a laser printer that uses PCL can still be advanced to Postscript through software installation from the manufacturer.

    Paper handling

    This is an important variable that needs to be considered too. The letter size cut-sheet paper is utilized by most of the laser printers, though for high-end production printers continuous sheet paper is what is used. Some printers with duplex printers can print both sides of the paper through step by step. Nevertheless, many laser printers make use of simple printing by means of manual duplex printing.

    Advantages of Laser Printers

    Laser printers can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes. Let us look at three advantages that make them the ideal option.

    They give out higher quality. These printers are known globally known for their top quality printing. You can gain the best printing experience with their technology compared to other options. In addition, you can have more printing figures.

    Printing is faster. Laser printers are faster than Inkjet printers. You can be printing a lot of pages within a minute depending on the resolution used. Using inkjet technology may require you to wait for quite some times before having a large number of pages you want.

    Lastly, laser printers are very durable. In fact, this is their best advantage. The contrast and shine of the products do not dwindle with time. Contrastingly, the images of inkjet printers disappear after some weeks or months.

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