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    Register a domain

    The domain is the unique name assigned to a website. This is the way to identify and translate the IP address, facilitating the possibility of finding it on the Internet. However, for the website to be visible it is necessary to have other elements beyond the domain. These are the hosting and the server.

    What exactly is a domain?

    While the domain is the name of the web, the accommodation is the place where it is stored. Domain and accommodation are two concepts closely linked to each other so it is important to know how to correctly differentiate them.

    When you are going to register a domain on the Internet you should keep in mind that you will need to hire a hosting service so that your website is visible in the future. Without Reseller Hosting, there is no web, even though you have the best domain in the world.

    Register a domain

    Benefits of a domain

    To verify a domain it is necessary that you do it to search engines of web domain registrations, which you can find in multiple web pages. It is very easy to check the availability of a domain in particular or several at the same time, for it will be enough to perform a search in any registrar of domains and in a matter of seconds you can see if it is free or not the desired domain.

    Every business or company that wishes to see its growth and relevance in its sector must reflect its idea and name on the Net. It is a fact that the internet has changed the way of understanding business and with it the new marketing associated with the new technologies, digital marketing.

    Key concepts

    One of the first issues that must be solved to launch our web project lies in the task of buying a domain that meets our needs. Registering a domain is a very important process because it will be the name with which you will recognize us in the online world, and you must maintain certain fidelity with our philosophy and company brand:

    • We will be in possession of a custom domain easy to remember, related to our brand, with the text or words that we have chosen.
    • An own domain name brings seriousness and professionalism to our web project, being a great differentiator between the enormous competition existing on the Web.
    • The registration of a domain will ensure your exclusivity and the guarantee that no other person or entity can use it.
    • Strengthen our brand on the Net, highlighting our name in online businesses.
    • In terms of positioning, a domain of its own is above other types of domain, being of great relevance for search engines such as Google.
    • Own domains can add regional extensions, which helps to focus on searches by country or geographic.
    • They allow having personalized electronic mail with extension of our domain, contributing a serious and professional profile for our business.
    • We can acquire our domain name with different endings (.com, .edu, .net), making it possible to point our business to several of these domain names.
    • The acquisition costs are not very high, being a very low investment for high long-term profitability.
    • Own domains give confidence for what affects the interactions and transactions with customers and users.

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