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    If you want to have an online presence, the first thought is always to create a website. But for a website to be visible online you require a web hosting. This is the art of providing a storage space and access for websites. There are plenty of hosting service providers out there. Depending on your needs and preferences, there is web hosting for e-commerce, personal blog, enterprise and many more you can go for. For the best web hosting, you can find one using price comparisons and reviews online as dictated by your needs.

    What You Should Know When Shopping

    There are things you need to be acquainted with when shopping for the service. First, the prices will shoot right after the promo period. You therefore need to be decisive. Second, you will find that many hosting providers offer quite low beginning prices but the catch is you will be required to pay upfront for two or three years. Third, after the promo period, the renewal price for other services can be even up to four times the first promotional pricing. Lastly, though the initial deal might be unbelievably cheap, the cost of transferring your site in future may be insanely high also.

    Reseller Hosting

    If you are building a simple website then you don’t have to worry about the unlimited stuff. However, if you are building a complex website like an enterprise then it is advisable that you first carefully read the terms and service or ask or more interpretation. Another important thing is to avoid page builders. Majority of web hosting providers offer this kind of service but it is normally a trap to lock you into the service. Be discerning enough to avoid this trap.

    Types of Web hosting Services

    Sometimes the concept of web services and web hosting can be very confusing. There are thousands of organizations competing for your business and this results in the mix-up. It is easy for an individual who intends to come up with a new online business to be disheartened.

    Let us examine three web hosting services from which you can build your knowledge.

    • The Shared Web Hosting

      There no any hidden meaning in the naming of this service. It means your website share server with other websites. You can be charged an approximate value of $5-10 for this plan. The only disadvantage of this arrangement is that a very famous site may negatively impact the performance of yours. Nevertheless, if your site is the most famous, you can enjoy low costs.

    • Reseller Web Hosting

      Reseller Web Hosting are basically common hosting accounts though with added tools one can use to resell hosting space. The reseller packages may vary in cost between $15-20 as dictated by feature and resource restrictions. This is an ideal option for individuals who intend to sell web hosting.

    • The Dedicated Web Server

      The plan signifies that you are hiring out one and only physical server from the hosting entity. With this option, you can retain full control if you deem necessary. There is no need to worry whether other sites on the shared server are utilizing resources thus decelerating yours. The cost of this service may be at least $100. However, hiring this option necessitate the services of a system administrator to examine the technical particulars.

    Depending on your needs, there is something for everyone when it comes to web hosting. With many hosting companies, it is better to read their terms of service before buying any plan to avoid being locked into paying unnecessary costs.

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