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    Iptv solutions, offering a great way of learning

    IPTV solutions

    Our iptv solutions are also present in student campuses, student dormitories, colleges, universities, schools. They represent top of the notch teaching technology and students/pupils greatly benefit from this modern educational TV system. Educational content on demand or creation of education content intended for students/pupils is a great advantage. If students/pupils cannot attend lectures for any reason, they can access it on screen live or on-demand. There is no reason to miss any lectures ever again.

    Cruise around the world with iptv solutions

    Iptv solutions offer a great way of communication between the cruise staff and guests. Namely, iptv solutions help the guests to know what is happening on the cruise ship for the whole time of their stay.

    IPTV solutions

    Moreover, cruise staff can mostly not leave the cruise ship after their working hours, and they are also far away from their home country. With iptv solutions they can relax and be entertained in privacy of their own cabins.

    We are not only present on tourist cruise ships, but on all types of maritime vessels, even oil rings.

    Healthcare, we are present here too

    We all know that we feel much better when we are comfortable and enjoy ourselves as much as possible in any given situation. This is exactly why iptv solutions are present in hospitals, any other medical centre, or retirement homes for example. Every facility is continuously searching for ways to make their visitors’ or patients’ level of satisfaction ever better. If a patient is comfortable, he feels better faster. And that is why we are offering modern TV systems based on iptv solutions, adapted especially to these facilities.

    It is much more than watching your favourite show

    Iptv solutions offer patients an easier way to communicate with their loved ones, they can get more familiar with their medical condition, track their current medical status, and they are more involved in their treatment. At the same time, with iptv solutions, patients can browse the internet, watch films and much more, which helps them forget everyday worries and relax more.

    Nevron, because we care.

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