Shopping for Phone Charger for a Car

    Pphone charger for a car is convenient

    The first thing you need to consider when looking for a phone charger for a car is to make sure that you will buy one compatible not just with your phone but also your vehicle. You have to consider your specific needs when choosing from different chargers. 

    It is also important to determine if you will be using your phone while charging it or if you need a charger that can juice up your device faster. There are also chargers that provide additional features like hands-free communication.

    Universal Charger

    You can now find several types of phone chargers for cars on the market right now. The universal charger is probably the most popular phone charger for a car. As its name suggests, this kind of charger is compatible with all phones.

    Most popular phone charger for a car
    Phone charger for a car is generally plugged into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle

    However, it is important to note that there are a few universal chargers that don’t work well with all phone models. It would be best that you check beforehand or purchase a car phone charger especially designed for your device. 

    Eliminator DC Charger

    Another common type of phone charger for a car is one that makes use of an eliminator DC or direct current cord that lets you use your phone while charging it. But, keep in mind that these chargers won’t charge a phone if it is being used to receive or make a call.

    This type of phone charger for a car is convenient since this will help you avoid missing out any important calls even while charging your phone. 

    Fast Charger

    A rapid or fast charger is worthy to consider if you wish to use your phone and charge its battery at the same time. These phone chargers for cars can provide faster charging times and come in really handy for those situations wherein you need to get a reasonable charge within a short span of time. The only notable downside to these chargers is that they are more prone to overheating and might damage the battery if your device if left connected for an extended period. 

    Trickle Charger 

    Trickle chargers functions almost like fast chargers. The primary difference of these two is that a trickle charger comes with a special sensor that will stop charging the moment the battery gets fully charged, shutting off the DC cord in the process. This feature helps eliminate the risks of overcharging or overheating your phone. 

    A phone charger for a car is generally plugged into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. However, some cars today no longer have cigarette lighters as part of their standard equipment. Many car manufacturers are now installing an auxiliary plug that can be used with car phone chargers. Some chargers also come with special adapters that allow using the device with a USB or universal serial bus port or an auxiliary plug. It means that you can also charge the phone by connecting this to your laptop. 

    The next time you shop for phone chargers for your car, consider how the different types of chargers function.

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