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What is data recovery

 The Basics

In the most simple terms, “information recuperation” describes the process of recuperating information from a hard disk, removable disk, or various other kind of electronic storage space media (such as a backup tape drive, RAID variety, server, database, flash memory, and so on) when the information is no longer easily accessible using typical means.

Media that's suffered a catastrophic electroni...

Media that’s suffered a catastrophic electronic failure requires data recovery in order to salvage its contents. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Is antivirus software needed for Windows 8?

Sample of the Metasploit Framework 3.0 Beta ru...

Sample of the Metasploit Framework 3.0 Beta running a dcerpc exploit, and then using the Meterpreter plugin to dump SAM hashes remotely, without writing any files to disk, thereby bypassing most antivirus, HIDS systems (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was wondering if i needed an antivirus to secure my Windows 8 installation. This is what I found out. Continue reading “Is antivirus software needed for Windows 8?” »

How to make your Intranet successful

1. Intranet Home Page

1. Intranet Home Page (Photo credit: nengard)

Over the years, intranets have actually become a common part of the corporate communications landscape, however all too frequently they supply a frustrating experience– failing to provide on their the majority of fundamental promise, which is to supply the content personnel are looking for. Continue reading “How to make your Intranet successful” »

Advanced storage

English: Toshiba 1 TB 2.5" External USB H...

English: Toshiba 1 TB 2.5″ External USB Hard Disk Drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, if you resemble a lot of individuals, and merely have to support a few hundred events of family images and papers to a low-cost external hard disk drive, you don’t should tinker this category, which we’re calling enhanced storage. Today’s USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt exterior drives supply terrific transmission data rates contrasted to the USB 2.0 drives of yesteryear. Go examine out the Seagate Data backup And, our beloved exterior drive, and call it a day. Continue reading “Advanced storage” »

Handling email error messages

Error Message

Error Message (Photo credit: Erwyn van der Meer)

Error message : SMTP server time out error
You try to receive all your emails but unable to do so. The server times out and you get an error message.

1. The antivirus software installed in your PC may take long time to scan a large email which causes a time-out situation.
2. Your email client may be configured to ‘not open attachments’. Modify the configuration accordingly.
3. There might be an email that is too bulky for your email client to handle. Verify the maximum size that your email client can process.
4. Logon to your mail box. Focus on the first or last unread email. That could be the emails causing the problem.
5. Check all the settings in the dialer and modem properties. Add an init string if required.
6. Ask your telephone service provider to check for line or static noise on the phone line connected to the computer.
7. If all the steps, mentioned above, fail, contact your Internet Service Provider’s technical support.

# Error message 2: One of the addresses is invalid
You try to send to email to multiple recipients and you get the error message “One of the addresses is invalid” Continue reading “Handling email error messages” »

Fixing internet connection problems – Part I

Image representing Firefox as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Sometimes you may be unable to access a particular website when you try to access the website by typing the website name or IP address in the address box of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or any other internet browser. Generally the message displayed in the browser is either “Server not found” or “Page cannot be displayed”.
This problem may arise due to connection setting of your desktop/laptop or hardware malfunction or unavailability of the website itself.

Troubleshooting steps:
1. Right click on My Network Places and select properties. My Network Places could be found in My Computer and Windows Explorer. My Computer and Windows Explorer could be reached via Start menu or via Desktop.
Start menu-> My Network Places.
Start menu->Accessories->Windows Explorer->My Network Places.
Desktop->My Computer->My Network Places.

2.  Once the property of My Network Places is selected, Local Area Connection will be displayed in the window with its status. Depending on the network condition the status could reflect any of the following states – ‘Connected’, ‘not connected’, ‘Disabled’, ‘enabled’, and ‘Network Cable Unplugged’ etc. Continue reading “Fixing internet connection problems – Part I” »

Fixing Email transmission problem

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Occasionally you might face email transmission problem. You might be able to receive emails but unable to send emails. In that case execute the following remedial steps.

Remedy 1: Check your antivirus software

In case the antivirus software gets updated automatically, turn it off and prevent it from starting when the Windows restarts. Then you reboot the computer, go online, and try to send and receive an email. If it works, you can enable the antivirus software.
Check for any antivirus software that is configured to ‘scan outgoing email’ and if you cannot find the configuration, disable the software while you test the email and look for other problems, if any.

Remedy 2: Check SMTP server settings and change if required
Check the ‘outgoing’ (SMTP) server setting. If it does not match the (SMTP) server setting of the ISP to which you are connected, change it accordingly. Continue reading “Fixing Email transmission problem” »

Get Acquainted With The Online Scams

Are you acquainted with the term ‘Scam’? If not, then first of all let us come into terms with it. To quote the Webster’s Online Dictionary, a ‘Scam’ may be defined as ‘a fraudulent business scheme’. It is a criminal act or plot, which is formulated in order to steal, money or property, from a possible victim. A Scam may fall under the wider category of its synonymous word, ‘fraud’. Similarly, an ‘Online Scam’ may refer to a fraudulent business which is carried out over the internet.

Top 4 Online Scams

Online Scams have made their foothold in almost every sphere of the internet. In this section, we discuss the top four online scams.

The Nigerian 419 Scam – It is probably the most dangerous and most popular scam of all. In general, it is carried out through emails, which consist of letters promising highly lucrative awards, for helping officials of that government or bank. This way they manage to get the victims’ bank account details.

The Foreign Lottery Scam – This particular scam too operates via emails. They send emails to users, stating that the latter have won a lump sum amount in a lottery contest, conducted by the former. They ask for the users’ names, contact addresses, and email addresses.

Work from Home Scam – This is a scam which posts advertisements, offering part time home based jobs for computer users. The job involves registering with a certain amount of money, in their website, and getting paid for viewing Ads, referring to friends, taking surveys, writing articles, and so on. Continue reading “Get Acquainted With The Online Scams” »

Types Of Network Topologies

English: This is a diagram of Ring Topology in...

English: This is a diagram of Ring Topology in Computer Network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The design structure of links of computer nodes is defined as network topology. It could also be characterized as the way in which the elements of a network are mapped or arranged. Network topology basically depicts the configuration of a communication network. Here the term “Configuration” means the the physical and the logical interconnection between the different nodes of a network.

Basic categories of network topology
Network topology could be categorized into 3 types,namely – Physical,Logical and Signal topologies.  Physical  topology describes the physical design of a network. Signal topology traces the paths of the signals over the network. The mapping of the paths taken by data as they move over the network is defined as a logical topology. Signal topology and logical topology are almost similar. Continue reading “Types Of Network Topologies” »

Beware of The Job Offer Scam

Have you recently received any lucrative job offer from overseas, which sounds too good to be true? This is not meant to undermine your job qualifications, but there is more than a chance that it is fake. Nowadays, Internet scams have made their foothold in almost every country. Among numerous reported internet scams, one of the most common scam is the ‘Job Offer Scam’.

How does the Job Offer Scam Work?

In this particular scam, users are sent good, lucrative, but fake job offers. Generally, the users are asked to accept cash or cheque payments into their bank accounts. Then they redirect the amount to the account of the person running the scam. The user is instructed to keep certain percent of the amount transferred, as payment.

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